Laugh till you cry A collection of humorous observations about life ... written in the similar vein of Dave Barry or Douglas Adams.. , Filled with many moments of laugh out loud humor. The index alone is worth the price of the book. A great gift book. Anthony Kainauskas 21st Centurty Books Newsletter 
Chris   Hallinger   was   born   and   raised   in   Wyncote, PA,   in   the   suburbs   of   Philadelphia.      He   has   been published   in   Penthouse   Magazine,   The   Des   Moines Register,    The    Iowa    Source,    and    the    Ottumwa Courier. He currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa.
The Iowa Source, June 2009.
Des Moines Register, June 2nd 1990.
The Fairfield Ledger, August 20th 1990.
Penthouse, March 1981.
Laughter is the best medicine A lot of widsom wrapped in humor. What more can you ask for?  A very funny compilation of stories that are sure to make you chuckle. Take a walk on the wild side and get to see the world from a hilarious and refreshing perspective. What a hoot! Paul Delisle
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